Saturday 8th December 2018?.. what?s so special about this date? It?s when incredible ladies, gents and kids or also known as Wolves and Pups created an extremely high vibration energy under one roof. It was an Awards night hosted by Unleash Wolf Within to acknowledge some incredible individuals who have achieved so much through their personal journey. When I say personal journey, it really is through certain life changing events or personal situations and how they have overcome these difficulties to get through their journey. This event was put together by the amazing Harri Dhokia and Nishma Gohil.?

Harri has created a platform where people can come together, share their stories and journey and support each other. Having had gone through her own difficult journey, she is now an inspiration to many others out there, she is a great mentor too and a worthy winner of the ?Wolf of the Year ? Award.

The evening was held at the gorgeous Knebworth House Barns, an iconic venue and gosh it was truly stunning. This event was also held to fund raise for Mind Charity Harrow, supporting local businesses and services is what it?s all about.?? ? ?

Chinskitchen was honoured to be one of the headline sponsors of the evening, we also sponsored the ?Mentor of the Year ? category. Alongside being a sponsor, I was also nominated for ?Personal Achievement Award?. I didn?t take the trophy but was delighted to have made it into the top 5 finalist. Truly delighted for Kajal Mehta of Kajal?s kitchen who won this category nomination, she is another super inspirational individual who has been the pillar of strength to her kids despite going through a very difficult journey. Her mission is to ?inspire others to achieve their dreams like me?

So why did I get nominated for ? personal achievement category?? When writing my story for this award I realised my past has truly made me who I am today, all those challenges, hard times, dark times along with good times has moulded me and made me the person I am today.

My inspiration and strength comes from my Mum, from a young age I have observed her hard work and persistence in all that she does. At the young age of 12 I moved to the UK with my siblings and parents. My mum was working 2-3 different jobs just to ensure we had a roof over our head, food to eat and necessities met, our families supported us a lot in this journey. At that time my youngest sibling was around 4 years old, both myself and my elder sibling took over some of the responsibilities from our mum, I remember cooking a full on Gujarati meal one day all from what I had observed from my Mum and Gran. The look on her face when she came home was price less and the feeling from within me was just amazing, I felt the sense of being able to help someone just by doing something small.

From that day on wards I continued wanting to help others as it truly made me happy, I loved cooking and baking and to see the smiles on others faces when they had a bite of what I had made was truly priceless. Years on, I got married and became a mum to our beautiful, caring and selfless son Nishil. Unfortunately I only had negative emotions from the day he was born, why? Because I was suffering from Post natal depression but it was never picked up. During that time I went through a very tough time and was functioning like robot. I did not even know how to look after him, it was a real challenge, my husband was mum and dad most of the time. Over the year I started to experience more good days than bad and when Nishil was 18 months old I noted he was presenting with Autistic behaviours. I would go to the GP, speak to the nursery but yet never got the support I needed. Being professionally trained as an Occupational Therapist I knew what I was observing in him was not being picked up by others. Health visiting services were undergoing big changes and he had slipped the net, being a first time Mum I didn?t know what to expect but one thing I knew was there was something wrong and until I didn?t get the right answer I would not give up.

One battle after another, I carried on fighting for him to have assessments done, I used Occupational therapy skills and baking as a therapeutic intervention to work on many physical, sensory and cognitive skills with him. The biggest thing was to create a bond with him, he was non verbal then. Finally my perseverance paid off he was diagnosed with Autism, Developmental co ordination delay, mild to mod ADHD and low frequency mild hearing loss. With this began the right intervention from various professionals.? Was this a tough journey? Yes most definitely but worth it. He is an incredible young man who has built confidence, sits in a crowd full of people, totally selfless and full of love.

Following on, a series of extremely hard times had hit me, from extensive retinal detachment resulting in loss of partial vision in my right eye requiring 3 major surgeries to save my vision to going through depression I never lost hope. Times where I did feel like ?why me? I changed that to ?try me?, I was blessed with amazing souls surrounding me and those who did not serve purpose walked out of my life. However, this is part of the journey, I am grateful for all those who walked into my life, those who walked away and those who stayed, those who continue to support me unconditionally and those who I continue to inspire. If it wasn?t for this, I would not have the inner strength that I now experience. That?s my personal journey and everyone has their own.

I was mostly excited for my son Nishil who was a finalist in the ?Pup of the Year? category, despite his own personal challenges and difficulties he continues to work hard, persevere, be selfless, continue winning the hearts of many.

The night was made even more amazing by the graceful presence of Inspirational and motivational speaker Tulsi Vagjiani who is a plane crash survivor. Please do read her incredible story and extremely worthy winner of ? Services to others? award.

Thank you to all who continue to support me unconditionally in my journey as an Occupational Therapist, Business woman, Mum, Wife and Daughter. Thanks to all who nominated me and I am truly blessed to have been present in a room full of super inspirational individuals. Huge thanks to Mind Charity Harrow, it was a pleasure to have raised money for this charity who offer so much to those who feel like there is nothing out there for them.

This Christmas spread the love, give a helping hand or lend a listening ear.


Yours Truly


Chintal Kakaya

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